Hummingbird Health

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The heart of Hummingbird

Previously known as The Hummingbird Healing Centre, Hummingbird Health is under the leadership of husband and wife team, Dr Fred & Marita van der Riet


Our Approach

“The natural healing force within each of us is the greatest force in getting well.” 
― Hippocrates

Along with many other integrative medical practitioners world-wide, we choose to take care of health, rather than managing sickness.

Through psycho-therapeutic support, Functional Medicine and an integrative approach, Dr Fred and Marita assist their patients to explore the connection between body and soul, and to enable healing to take root from within.


WoW Challenge 2019

Embark on a life-changing,12 week medically supported and scientifically researched wellness transformation journey


Pre-Launch Night
Thursday 19 September


Our Location

You can now find us at Level 2, Unit 202,
The Gatehouse
Century City, Cape Town
South Africa


Our Team

Meet the wonderful people of Hummingbird Health:


Sheri van Blerk

Front Office Manager


Annette Diacon

Professional Nursing Sister


M.C Laubscher

Professional Nursing Sister


Our Affiliates

With over forty years of experience in their respective fields, Dr Fred and Marita van der Riet have built a trusted network of colleagues across South Africa and abroad.

Hummingbird Health collaborates with surgeons, oncologists, nutritionists, psychiatrists and other therapists to ensure the best outcome for patients. Marita is a trained facilitator in Soul Collage®. Dr Fred is a registered practitioner of Weber Medical’s innovative low-level laser therapies.




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