Dr Fred & Marita van der Riet

Dr Fred & Marita van der Riet have over forty years of experience in their respective fields. They work to facilitate a lifestyle of optimum health for each of their patients and utilise the latest in technology and research to treat chronic disease.

Health is not merely the absence of disease. Each individual should find completeness in his or her own uniqueness.
— Dr Fred van der Riet

Dr. Fred van der Riet
Integrative Medical Doctor

Dr Fred qualified as a medical doctor from the University of Stellenbosch in 1974. After working in full-time government service in six different hospitals, he completed a Masters degree in Family Medicine at the University of Free State in 1981. From 1982 until 1992, Dr Fred worked in his own private medical practice in Knysna and in Bloemfontein.

In 1992, he and his family moved to Canada. During his time there as general practitioner, Dr Fred became increasingly discontented with the approaches of conventional medicine. He embarked on an extensive learning journey into nutritional healing with pioneering voices such as Dr David Roland, The Canadian Nutritional Institute, The Parker College (USA), Dr Robert Cass and Arnold Mindell. These crucial experiences and conversations led him to alter his approach decisively from disease management to health promotion.

Upon returning to South Africa in 1995, Dr Fred continued his quest for knowledge around the principles of health promotion. He completed training in medical acupuncture and homeopathy and qualified as a homeopath. Since 2000, Dr Fred has been connected to the Institute of Functional Medicine and has completed numerous of their training programs.

Over the past two decades, Dr Fred and Marita have applied their expertise in complimentary ways in order to promote the physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing of their patients. They believe that health is not merely the absence of disease, but that each individual should find completeness in his or her own uniqueness.

...Intervening only biologically can help you feel better (and in some cases enable you to function), but it won’t necessarily produce deep psychological change. Lasting change grows from developing a complete understanding of the difficulty and then realigning yourself, life and relationships, finding meaning, and working towards realising your potential. Therapy involves work and money, but it provides an opportunity to transform your life profoundly and permanently.
— Therapy Route

Marita van der Riet
Clinical Psychologist

In 1975 Marita completed her degree in Nursing at the University of Stellenbosch. While recovering from a major surgery herself, questions arose in her heart about the emotional support of patients and the root causes of illness. This became the motivating substance that led her to pursue Psychology.

Marita obtained an Honours and Masters degree in Clinical Psychology from the University of Pretoria in 1979.

During their time in Canada and the US, her love for creative arts intersected with psychology as she completed a course in art and movement therapy at the Naropa Institute.

Marita’s interest in the work of Carl Jung was deepend when, in 1992, she and Fred attended a training seminar by Marion Woodman and Robert Bly.

Upon returning to South Africa, Marita lectured part-time at the Rhodes University after which they established an Integrative practice in Cape Town. Throughout this time her primary modality included playtherapy and she also trained other therapists in this approach. She continued her studies by completing an Advanced Diploma in Psycho-Analytic Psychotherapy through the South African Institute for Psychotherapy, after which she completed a two-year course in Infant Observation.

In order to deepen her understanding of couple dynamics, Marita studied Psycho-Analytic couple psychotherapy through ACPP. She explored her interest in body-mind psychology by training through the Rolando Toro Bio-centric foundation to become a teacher of Biodanza. Marita regularly taught these dance, music and group-interaction workshops in different contexts, e.g. in corporate groups and as programmes at Boystown, Macassar.

In recent years, Marita has become a SoulCollage® facilitator, thereby bringing together psychotherapy, art, symbolism and spirituality. Now, in Hummingbird Health, Marita utilises her experience and skillsets to partner with Dr Fred in working with patients and their significant others.