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Prior to a visit with Dr Fred, he will request that patients fill out two forms to help initiate a conversation about key factors influencing their health and wellbeing. The first form is a Medical Symptom Questionnaire and the second a Stress Assessment questionnaire. Click on the links to download these forms. If possible, please bring these along to your appointment - printed and filled out.

Furthermore, this image on the left provides readers with an overview of core aspects that Functional Medicine practitioners will typically work through during an appointment (click to enlarge). We recommend that you take some time to peruse the diagram in preparation for your visit with Dr Fred. For more information on Functional Medicine, you can visit

Therapy Route is a wonderful resource that will assist you in getting the most out of therapy sessions with Marita. It explains what psychotherapy is, what a typical session might look like and how to optimise your experience with a therapist.

Weber Medical offers a series of videos (see left) explaining the principles of Photodynamic Cancer Therapy.