Oglioscan is a breakthrough, non-invasive device that evaluates in an instant: minerals, trace elements, oxidative stress and heavy metals without any blood tests. Oligoscan can be used by all health professionals. It allows you to benefit from a fast and painless assessment.

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NAD IV Therapy

Clinical psychologist Theo Verwey, who has pioneered the development of NAD therapy in South Africa, has won international praise for his work from more than a decade ago. Thousands of South Africans have improved their quality of life through the use of NAD therapy. Verwey points out that thousands of blood tests worldwide have shown since 1989 that approximately 150 contemporary diseases have an underlying NAD imbalance, including cancer, two types of diabetes and dementia.

Sourced from Theo Verwey’s website


IV Therapy

IV Therapy encompasses using intravenous vitamins, minerals and amino acids which are available to supplement the body with all the other therapies in a personalised treatment plan.


Sono-Photodynamic Therapy

Photo Dynamic Therapy (PDT) is one of the most promising therapeutic approaches in the treatment of cancer and many other chronic conditions.

PDT therapy is a gentle treatment which utilizes various photosensitizers, intravenous laser light and activated singlet oxygen to eradicate tumour cells and stimulate the immune system. Sono Dynamic Therapy (SDT) is an optimised, non-toxic method that compliments Photo Dynamic Therapy by using sound-waves.


Intravenous Ozone Therapy

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Shockwave Therapy


Low Level Laser Therapy