“The natural healing force within each of us is the greatest force in getting well.”


The human body is a miraculous masterpiece, hardwired for healing. A lifestyle of wellness, therefore, begins by understanding the wisdom nature offers and by acknowledging the interconnectedness between mind, body and spirit. 

Along with many other integrative medical practitioners world-wide, we choose to take care of health, rather than managing sickness. For us it begins by taking time to understand a patient’s history, environment, relationships, lifestyle factors, diet and any other elements that may leave them vulnerable to chronic disease or other imbalances. We also desire to empower our patients with knowledge and resources, so they can be leaders of their own wellness journey.

Through psycho-therapeutic support, Marita assists her patients to explore the connection between body and soul, thereby helping them make meaning of certain symptoms. She provides a safe and trusted space for individuals, couples and families working from a Psycho-Dynamic perspective (see SAPC and ACPP).

Dr Fred employs non-invasive therapies, utilising leading technologies to restore patient immunity, cellular health and toxin-removal functions according to the principles of the Institute for Functional Medicine.

Fred and Marita have a well-established network of trusted medical practitioners in South Africa and abroad and frequently partner with oncologists, surgeons, physicians, nutritionists, psychiatrists and therapists in order to meet patient needs.

Dr Fred and Marita ultimately see it as their calling to serve their patients, so that each one can live a life of wholeness and purpose.


The Symbolism of the Hummingbird

The Hummingbird is one of the most unique and surprising birds of its kind. Aside from being able to beat its wings over 1000 times per minute, it has the ability to fly backwards and upside down. Some migrate over 500 miles in a timespan of 20 hours without stopping.

In this way, the Hummingbird embodies energy, vitality and responsive adaptability. Beyond that, its exquisite designs exemplifies the beauty and mystery found in nature.